flack - slang to serve as a press or publicity agent

hack - informal a writer or journalist who produces work fast and on a regular basis

A PR & Social Media Company

who we are

We are media professionals, former journalists and marketers. We develop strategic campaigns and personalized messages that target your audiences. From traditional public relations to dynamic social media, FlackShack creates programs that generate awareness, raise visibility, improve profile, instill loyalty and ultimately increase business.

our mission

One of the media's biggest complaints is the 'cut and paste' practice some firms employ when promoting a client. At FlackShack, one size fits only one. Our highly customized approach ensures that we invest time into getting to know you, learning about your business, and devising a strategy that helps you attain your goals and objectives.

areas of expertise

  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Press kit creation
  • Event marketing and management
  • Social Media
  • Community relations
  • Not-for-profit
  • Corporate and Employee communications
  • Website development
  • Website content
  • Consumer marketing
  • Research

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