Our friend, colleague, and client, Linda Parry Murphy, CEO, Product Launchers, talked with Tracy Rucinski from Reuters to explain why she refuses to back down against giant retailer Toys R Us.

This summer, toy supplier Product Launchers delivered 100,000 specially ordered DC Comics fidget spinners to Toys ‘R’ Us, unaware that the biggest U.S. toy store chain was in financial trouble.

Now Product Launchers, which supplies other novelty items like squishies from five toymakers to Toy ‘R’ Us, expects it will not be paid for the $500,000 fidget spinner order and other items following the chain’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing on Sept. 19, Product Launchers Chief Executive Linda Parry Murphy told Reuters.

Linda goes on to explain more around the hardships this action is taking on her firm as well as the others she works with. You can read more on the original article here.